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Our Foster to Adopt Program

Be a part of PacNW Corgis

Our Wait List For Foster Families is Currently Full-Check Back

How it Works

Our goal is to raise happy, healthy pups and that starts with having happy and healthy moms and dads. We want our pup-parents to have the best quality of life and that includes hiking, walks in the park, and lots of love and attention. That's were you come in. We are looking for families that are interested in fostering  our breeding females with the plan to adopt them when they retire from breeding. 

We provide the corgi (typically at 10-12 weeks of age) and costs of breeding related vet care and you provide the love and a safe home. When she comes into heat, she visits us to have a date with our male, she then goes back to your house for 7 weeks to grow those beautiful babies and returns to us to deliver. After 6 weeks of caring for her babies, she is ready to come back home to you for lots of TLC.

After a maximum of 3 litters, she is spayed and we sign all registration over to her new family. This program enables families to get a quality corgi at no cost and enables us to maintain fewer corgis in our home which ensures that they all get the attention they need and deserve. 

In order to be considered for this program, you must live within reasonable driving distance of Carnation WA.

Call or email to learn more and be considered for a future placement.



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